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He and Angie exchanged glances. He envisioned her waiting in the parking lot at Dodger Stadium for a ride and getting ambushed again. He bet Angie did, too.

"Silver Lake is in our direction," he said. "We can give you a ride back." He could miss the rest of the game. It wasn't like they were playing the Giants or anything.

She raised her eyebrows at him and turned to Angela to shake her head.

"No, seriously, that's okay. You don't have to give up the rest of the game for me; you don't even know me. Plus, you two probably have better things to do than drive a stranger around Los Angeles."

Angela looked confused and then laughed.

"Oh wait, did you think we were on a date? Ugh, no, he's my brother. Trust me, I'd rather be driving you around L.A. than watching baseball with him."

Nicole looked at Carlos.

"Are you sure? You really don't have to."

He grinned and threw his arm around both women.

"Call it my good deed for the week," he said. "Come on, let's go before those vultures follow you."


Nik walked across the parking lot with Carlos and Angela. She was grateful the exodus from the game hadn't started yet, so they didn't have to wade through crowds of people. The few they did see gave her dirty looks. That's right, she was the b itch who broke the pretty blond boy's heart, live on the JumboTron.

She shook her head. That really had happened. She had really been proposed to, and then abandoned, in front of the world.

She could not believe Fisher had done that to her. Just that he'd proposed to her in the first place was shocking—she would have been certain neither of them thought their relationship was heading toward marriage. She didn't think either of them wanted their relationship to head toward marriage. But not only did he do it, he did it in public. At a baseball game? Good God, she was furious at him.

She also felt like a huge asshole. She'd just refused her boyfriend's proposal in front of thousands of people. On his birthday. All of the people giving her dirty looks hated her for a good reason. She hadn't meant to hurt Fisher! He was a perfectly nice, incredibly boring guy. She probably could have found a nicer way to respond to the proposal, but she was so stunned she couldn't think straight. Plus, diplomacy had never been her strong point.

Thank God she'd gotten rescued by the Wonder Twins here. She should probably be wary of getting in a car with two strangers who had picked her up at a baseball stadium at a low moment in her life, but she didn't have the energy. She should especially be wary of this guy, who seemed way too attractive for his own good, with his tousled dark brown hair, big brown eyes, and that slight Saturday scruff on his cheeks. Normal Nik wouldn't have trusted this guy for a second. Dazed by the JumboTron, Nik had told him where she lived. But at this point, she didn't have the strength to do anything but be relieved she was no longer inside the stadium.

"Thanks again for getting me out of there. I was just sitting there texting my girlfriends about this fiasco and trying to figure out how I was going to get home when the camera crew showed up. I still can't believe any of this happened."

Carlos unlocked his car, one of the fancy red sports cars she was used to seeing around L.A. Ah, yes, of course the kind of guy who would almost knock down the cameraman and smile while he did it would have a red sports car. He opened the front passenger door for her. She shook her head.

"Oh no, I can get in the back."

Angela laughed and opened the back door.

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